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Blue Underlayment 3MM 100sqft Roll

$21.25 per roll (6.625%tax included). Min order 4 rolls (400sqft) $85.3

3 in 1 Blue Vapor Barrier Underlayment is universal and affordable.

Suitable for all types of subfloor including cement subfloor.


Black Underlayment 3MM 100sqft Roll

$35 per roll (6.625%tax included). Min order 4 rolls (400sqft) $140

This underlay can be installed in areas where water may be an issue and is great over wood and concrete subfloors.
Aluminum foil help keeps floors warmer in winter and cooler in summer


FELT XM 4-40 Underlayment 4MM 100 SQ.FT/Roll

$35 per roll (6.625%tax included). Min order 4 rolls (400sqft) $140

By absorbing noise instead of deflecting it, super felt provides a deep, rich sound protection.
Provides good cushioning over concrete and wood subfloors.

Moisture protection.

STEICO/GREEN Underfloor / Wood Fiber Insulation

$45 per pack (6.625%tax included). Min order 4 pack (360sqft) $180

!SPECIAL PRICE 1200sqft left overs!

Available in 6 mm 

Square board edge (31 X 23)

Able to compensate for up to 3 mm of floor unevenness
Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems
Without vapor barrier
Ecologically and environmentally friendly

Laminate Moldings MDF

$50 Min order (All prices include tax 6.625%)

  • Wall Base $10 piece

  • Stair Nose $12 piece

  • Reducer $10 piece

  • "T" Molding $10 piece

  • End Cap / Carpet Reducer $10 piece

  • Quarter Round $3 piece

Trim for Tiles L and O shape

Anodized 2.5m 10mm and 12.5mm (Pack of 10) available in Gold $60, Silver $70, Brown $70, Olive $70 finishes. Brushed aluminum $40 (10pieces), Polished aluminum $45 (10 pieces).

The colors may slightly differ from reality depending on the individual settings of the computer equipment. These profiles are used to protect corners laid with tiles, especially when tile edges connect other types of surfaces, e.g. PVC carpeting, rug, etc. also it is a delicate framing separating surfaces laid with various tiles.

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